Gene Taylor


Nov 13, 2015

Hi, everybody!

I'm back in Austin TX now. I'll be gigging around Austin and vicinity, and in Missouri and Illinois this December/January. I'll also be working on getting a CD released of 14 original blues & boogie-woogie piano solos. Shows will be added as they come in, so check this site under TOUR.

I'll be returning to Europe @April 21 until July 21.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


 -----gene taylor


June 23, 2015

It's been a busy couple of months. Had a successful May tour of Belgium/Holland/France/Luxumborg/Switzerland with Canadian bluesman Morgan Davis and just finished a great tour of Spain, courtesy of Jeff Espinoza (leader of the Spanish blues band, Red House).

On June 28, I'm headed back to the States for some gigs in Austin TX and then will spend a week (July 26 - Aug 2) in Port Townsend WA lecturing on blues piano at The Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival/Workshops (

In August, I'll be spending some time at my new U.S. home in Reeds Spring MO, setting up future gigs in the Springfield/Branson MO area. September will likely be more shows in Austin TX, after which I'll return to Belgium for the month of October.


 -----gene taylor



December 20, 2014

On November 25th 2013 when Gene was leaving from Brussels Airport back to the States, the immigration informed him that the the Schengen Treaty Countries of the European Community's have new rules whereby non-EU citizens are only allowed an accummulated 3 months in every 6 months period starting from the date of entry.  Gene was informed that he could not return for 3 months and then he must abide by these rules.  With this in mind, Gene will be returning to Europe at the beginning of March, 2014 and will be staying for March & April.  In May Gene will then go back to the  States for a recording session that is planned and return in August to the end of October.   At the moment this is how Gene's schedule will work until we can find another solution.

Brian Martin


Oct 9, 2013

Gene Taylor here...hope everyone has had a good year so far. I'll be back in the States, Nov 25 thru Jan 15, 2014.

---From Nov 25 thru Dec 3, I'll be in Austin TX visiting with friends for Thanksgiving.

---On Dec 4, I travel to the Los Angeles area and join my old band, The Blasters, for 7 CA shows in support of X. Those dates, cities and venues are now, or will soon be, posted on this site under TOUR. Later in Dec (plus Jan 4), I'll be touring with The Gene Taylor Blues Band (featuring Dave Alvin) for some CA and AZ shows. Those dates, cities and venues will also soon be posted on this site under TOUR.

---On Dec 6, I'll be back in Austin TX for @9 days and will be playing one show (Jan 13) at Evangeline's (S. Brodie Lane/Austin) with my buddy Ralph Ibarra and some other Aus/TX friends. 

I hope to see some of you out at the shows...c'mon up and say "hi" if you get a chance!


 -----gene taylor


There will be a new Gene Taylor CD, available @August 15th 2013, released on the Finnish label Bluelight Records. The title is "Roadhouse Memories" and the CD is a collection of mostly covers, which were recorded in the order of what a typical live set by this group of musicians might be. It features some outstanding Finnish blues players, such as guitar legend Jo' Buddy and bassist Robban Hagnas of Wentus Blues Band, who also produced the CD. The drums on the various tracks are played by either Olli Ontronen or Tyko “Downhome King III”. 

Here's a link to purchase Roadhouse Memories online:


 -----gene taylor

December 8, 2010

Due to technical problems with the previous link, The Gene Taylor Blues Band Live CD " 605 BOOGIE!! " is now available on Line at


September 16, 2010

Hi, folks... Gene Taylor here. I'd just like to let you all know that my new CD, "Let Me Ride In Your Automobile" -- featuring CC Jerome's Jetsetters with special guest Nick Curran -- is now available from El Toro Records (Barcelona/Spain). We're NOT currently offering the CD for sale from my website but it CAN be purchased at my live shows and at the following site:


August 15, 2010

Greetings everyone!

Well, I must admit we've been rather lackadaisical in keeping the news page up to date but we'll try to do better in the future (ha ha). The Gene Taylor Blues Band CD has been selling well and I've been busy the past year with gigs, session work and two recording projects of my own.

The first recording is a rock & roll-flavoured CD which will be out @ September 2010 for El Toro Records (Spain) and on which I'm accompanied by the fine Dutch band, CC Jerome's Jetsetters. This disc, recorded in Eindhoven (NL), contains eight originals and four covers, with guitarist Nick Curran guesting on two cuts. The second recording is strictly solo piano and features fourteen barrelhouse, blues and boogie-woogie numbers -- thirteen of them originals -- and was recorded in Austin TX. This disc does not have a label yet, but we're looking to have it out sometime next year.

I was honoured to get to closeout the opening (Friday) night of the legendary Belgium Rhythm and Blues Festival in Peer, accompanied by CC Jerome's Jetsetters. Everyone had a ball! I also got to jam with my old friends, Canned Heat, on their Sunday-night closing set at the same festival. By the way, there are a few photos of this "reunion" under the NEW FOTOS section of the website.

Coming up, I'll be going to both Finland and Spain in the next few weeks (Aug 25-Sept 5) and am very delighted to have the great Finnish singer/guitarist, Jo' Buddy guesting with me in Belgium/Holland, late-September/early-October. Among other various Autumn gigs, I'll be doing a week of instructional workshops near Toulouse, France later in October. As always, you can check any exact dates, cities and venues under the TOUR section of the website.

I'm going to Texas (Dec 1 until Dec 7 and back again, Jan 9 until Jan 18) and making a side-trip to California (Dec 7 until Jan 9). I'll be playing Evangeline Cafe in Austin on Dec 4th (and maybe a few other TX dates?) and while I'm in California, I'll be touring once again with the Gene Taylor Blues Band, featuring Dave Alvin (guitar), John Bazz (bass) and Bill Bateman (drums), with myself on piano and lead-vocals. We have some firm dates on the West Coast and I believe(?) Phoenix AZ, but you will need to check back later in the TOUR section of the website to get the exact dates, cities and venues.

Last but not least, my manager (Brian) was married last October (2009); so congratulations to Brian and Mercedes Martin, as they're coming up on their first wedding anniversary, October 31st of this year.

I guess that's all for now.

Warmest regards to everyone,
-----Gene Taylor


Frebyrd Blues announcements 2009:

Gene was able to play with his old friends from the Blasters while on his trip to America in December, 2007 and has a new CD release this year -- produced by Dave Alvin -- consisting of live material that was recorded as The Gene Taylor Bluesband in California during the afore-mentioned gigs in December, 2007. The musicians include Dave Alvin on guitar, plus two other original Blasters; John Bazz (bass) and Bill Bateman (drums). The CD is available as a download,and it has now been posted on YouTube, CHECK IT OUT !! THE GENE TAYLOR BLUES BAND

Go to billyaxe collection for more!

see Links in Index this Website or under Buy CD in Index this Website. For a sneak preview go to the Dave Alvin Link on this website.

Gene did a recording session with CC Jerome's Jetsetters, for their new CD "Introducing" (El Torro --- 2009) and will be playing with them in some up and coming engagements, see website under Tour and check the Link for CC Jerome's Jetsetters on this website.